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Upload your project ideas, let our project writers further develop them together with small organizations, and follow your project idea at any moment keeping an eye on the process.

3 minutes
I sent 3 successful project ideas and all of them were applied for in the last two deadlines. I just had to write them once and Project Crafters contributed and worked hard to take my project results to the next level (maybe already in the next deadline).

I have uploaded 5 projects and what I like about Project Crafters is that they focusing on the learning of project writers. Now they are applying for me, so I can save a lot of time. Usually, I was applying 2 projects per deadline, but now I am applying with new ones while Project Crafters are improving my old ideas.

Project Crafters is using my project ideas to help new organizations learn more about project management. The fun part is that I get to monitor the process. In every moment I know where my projects are applied, when they are approved and in which community I created a buzz.


When you upload project ideas, we work on increasing the impact and results.



Each project idea is treated as your intellectual property and that is why you get to monitor them.



Be updated about the global impact of your ideas: where your projects are applied and when they get approved.



Click on Select files and locate your project applications and excel files with timetables/project agendas. Then click Upload. Also, upload 1 text file (notepad or word) with personal information: Name and Surname, email address and the names of uploaded documents (so we know they are yours). 




Where are my  projects going to be applied?

We have a database of more than 30 organizations from various European countries and our job is to match your   project with a suitable organization with limited capacities to fundraise. i.g. Small organization from Southern Italy that does not have the know-how to implement an international project in their village.

Can Project Crafters edit my project application?

Yes, our team will be able to edit parts of your application to increase its quality. It is our aim to improve good project ideas and increase the impact we can make with these good ideas. The core idea of your project will remain the same. By submitting your project ideas you give us the freedom to change and improve different elements, for example: project partners and their composition, the target groups and related learning elements, the project duration, the non-formal learning methods and an activity timetable, and the visibility and dissemination strategy.


Can I take part in developing my own project?

Yes, if you are interested and want to learn more about project development you can use our educational tool for peer-to-peer learning. You will partner up with a project writer and work on the project together. Otherwise monitoring the process and giving feedback is also an option.


What happens with my uploaded project?

When we receive your projects, a project writer is assigned to continue to work on them (contacting the application organization, adapting the project to the latest application form, contacting relevant partners, signing an activity agreement and other documentation, communication with the organizations and applying).


Which kind of organizations are going to receive my project?

Project Crafters works with small organizations who do not have the full capacity or knowledge to apply for international projects. While you keep track, our project writers are improving your project ideas. Like this, we create impact in a whole new community and stimulate the growth and development of the organization that gets the opportunity to apply with your succesfull idea.


Can I upload any Youth in Action or Erasmus+ project?

Yes, you may upload any project. The formats we accept are Word, PDF and Excel. Keep in mind that we have the right to reject low-quality projects or projects that do not match with our values. If we reject a project, you will be informed.


Does Project Crafters make money? 

No. Project Crafters is an initiative and social start-up with a non-profit character. After completing its beta phase, Project Crafters will be part of a Foundation. For each project applied with Project Crafters, a small fee is charged to improve and further develop our educational tool and online community. Every applicant organization will support Project Crafters and ensure the self-employment of the Project Crafters team located throughout Europe. Project Crafters is  transparent by default, which means that our work, salaries, and impact are completely transparent and in June 2016 we will publish an overview.


What can I earn by contributing my projects?

Depending on the size of your projects budget, you will be able to earn up to EUR 250 per approved project. If you upload 5 or more projects for the same deadline you will receive EUR 300 per approved project.


What are my chances of project approval?

About 55% to 75% for deadlines in round 1 and 2 of each year. 45-65% for deadlines in round 3 of each year. However, we are going to work on the quality of your project until it gets approved.


Can I be hired to work on my project? 

This option can be discussed together with the applicant organization.