We are happy to have you aboard! 

 Let’s get started by offering you to write a project application for the next deadline of Erasmusplus

Type of project: Training course or youth exchange (they are both KA1 – Key Action 1). Please pick one. 

Topic: We prefer to work on social entrepreneurship, rural development, sustainability, culture, conflict transformation, and peace-building. (Please pick one, preferably first, second, third  or fourth topic. You can also mix two). 

Organizations: You will prepare this project for a small organization(s) called Sende or Jump.

There is Sende in Spain and Sende in Portugal and Jump is from Serbia. Choose one of three, please. All details that you need about these organizations are already filled, so you just need to copy/paste details in the application form. Here are the links for each organization: 

Sende Spain
Sende Portugal
Jump from Serbia

(For example, if Sende Spain or Portugal is applicant, Jump from Serbia can be a partner). 

To write Erasmusplus project, you will need partners. Please make this project with  5 partners. and a total of 30 participants  (this includes applicant organization, e.g. “Sende” + 4 partners). Here is the link with our partner’s database. 

To start writing a project application you should start writing directly on this link.

If you are beginner, or not registered in ECAS platform, please follow these steps.   Once you are registered, you should click here to write a project and apply directly on behalf of Sende. 

You will sign all documents on our behalf, and on the behalf of our partners. Check here instructions on how to sign documents. 

All details and accesses are on this website, you don’t even need any further permission from our side. Like this, the whole process goes smoothly. That’s why this web page is private access only and you got redirected here after you filled a Typeform. 

Beside project application, you should attach one agenda with a detailed program. Check the program timetable (agenda) example here. Here you may find one project example (not related with previous agenda). Please do not copy details from this project application as this can be easily checked by softwares as Grammarly for plagiarism and similar tools. 

Please compress all mandates in one. You can do this in 2 different ways. If you have 4 PDFs, you may merge them here on this website: smallpdf.com/merge-pdf

If your file is larger than 5MB, you need to make it smaller, this site could help: smallpdf.com/compress-pdf

Tip: If you used this site many times in a single day, maybe you need to go in Incognito mode to get more tries. 

Enjoy your work,

P.S. If you decide to work on project writing from Sende in Portugal, please contact Sende to check if there is availability to book your spot. 

Technical details on project writing: 

Step 1. If you don’t have an account created, you can do it on this link. Just click on “Create an account” and follow steps. Once created, you can use it forever. 

Step 2. Start writing project application on this link. If platform returns you at the beginning, click on Youth then Youth Mobility (KA105).  On the same link you can check the next available deadline. 

Step 3. This is the first step in the application form. On the left there is “index” with links that drive you through the whole form. Budget is written by “itself” once you add numbers of participants and duration of activity. Remember, project activity is “Youth exchange of 8 days + 2 travel dates”. While the project duration is whole process (we recommend to put 8 months in total). Except of project title, and project dates (you can choose random activity dates, we can change them after project is approved) please fill these fields like on this photo:

Step 4. Please do not forget to add any annex. You will need: 
a) Declaration of Honour (a PDF that is generated in each project application and each one is different). Please download it and sign it on behalf of Sende or Jump. Each organization is signed by different person, Sende Spain by Maria Rodriguez, Sende Portugal by Ana Santos and Jump by Filip Lakic. You are authorised to sign on their behalf by using our signatures from these folders, but only for the purpose of these projects. Their signatures cannot be used for any other purpose. 

b) Mandates should be downloaded from the application form and signed. Please use our database of the partners to fill these mandates. Usually mandates are kept always the same, so you can use them for all projects, just change the project title in the header and in the document. 

You are authorized to sign on behalf of partners (but only for the purpose of this partnership, for any other purpose please ask permission from them directly): 

c) Upload a timetable (project agenda). Your project agenda should follow what is written in project application. Check example here.

How to sign documents

The easiest way to sign mandates is to directly copy and paste signatures in Word document. Each applicant and partner has their own signatures in partner’s folders. You are authorized to sign on their/our behalf only for the purpose of applying for Erasmusplus project.

When you are about to sign a PDF (like Declaration of Honour), you may use a PDF sign option like on this photo: