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You are about to start cooperating with Project Crafters

Our job is to connect you to project writers and deliver high-quality projects to support the fundraising of your organization, free of charge.



1. Register your organization & create a learning trajectory (optional)

2. When we approve your registration, you may request 1-3 project applications from Project Crafters for the next Erasmusdeadline.

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3. We reach a mutual agreement on project basis.

4. We support, you implement the project activity.



How long does it take to receive an answer if your organization is eligible to cooperate and receive projects from Project Crafters?

– It takes between 5 and 7 working days.

How does the process of requesting and receiving projects from Project Crafters work?

– When you register your organization, you will get access to the Request Projects Base where you can request up to 3 projects per deadline. Upon your request, Project Crafters will confirm how many projects can be delivered.

What are the contract terms and conditions between the organization and Project Crafters?

Project Crafters will be in charge of your project until it gets approved. We have created a perfect balance and win-win situation between all stakeholders. When you apply for the project, you will receive detailed contract terms and conditions.

Can we get additional support in case the organization is not experienced with organising projects?

Project crafters will provide an online T-Kit which can help your organization to implement the project on high-quality level. We can also connect you with our trainers, project managers/coordinators and reporters who could cooperate with you during the project implementation.