The Kit is an improved communication method while crafting your project application. It allows total independence of the Crafter to work on new projects without waiting for confirmations by the Project Crafters team.

By using this method, we cut the email communication from average 6 emails per project per Crafter to 1 single mail. Please read these instructions carefully, as this is going to be the base for further work.





1. You will receive an email to give you access to your google drive folder.


In that folder, (titled as your Name and Surname) you will find all the necessary information about the each organization you are writing projects for. This means that if you have 2 organizations in your folder, that you should complete 1 project per organization (in total 2, unless is stated diferently):


In your folder you will find documents with these info:

  • PIF – Project Identification Form (with PIC)
  • Project venue information
  • Number and type of activity
  • Program and travel days
  • Number of partners and participants
  • A pre-signed mandate of the organization you write a project for = Like this, you just have to send this mandate to the partners, who will sign it on their behalf. Pre-signed mandates save you time. Please use the signature of the organization only for the purpose of signing the mandate. 

2. It is expected that you complete the whole project application, from beginning to end (including the project validation, attaching the signed mandates and the program timetable).

Once you completed everything, please upload the validated project application to your google drive folder. When you do that, Project Crafters will arrange to sign the Declaration of Honor and submit the project before the agreed deadline (usually the same day you upload it).
Sent projects will be located in your folder (you may check when it is sent and the rest of details). 



This is a list with practical tips and tools that can speed-up and facilitate your Project writing process.

0. Download the latest version of the e-form from the NA’s website. In case you write for the Spanish NA (download it via this link).

1. Please add the Project title in the header of the mandate, and in the middle of the mandate page. When you do that,       please send it to partners for signing.

2. When signed, mandates should be attached in section N of the project application. Last time we created 1 pdf document for all mandates using PDF Binder software (download recommended). If the PDF files are too big, just shrink your PDF online via this link.
3. In case you write a project in English using a Spanish e-form, just complete the project in English and copy/paste it in the Spanish form (compare the questions with the English version).
4. Please, do not forget to attach the Timetable (excel) with all program activities. Download the template called Youth mobility Timetable.

5. When the application is finished, the last thing would be to upload it to your google drive folder. Our team will take care of signing the Declaration of Honour

*Note: Before uploading the project to your folder, it should be:
    – Validated
    – With attached signed mandates
    – and an attached program timetable