what are project crafters


What is Project Crafters?

Project Crafters is a community consisting of a network of professional, freelance project writers working via our online platform from countries all over Europe. You can work on any project at any time, anywhere you are located.

By sharing common knowledge and experience we can make a greater impact in our work. The core idea of Project Crafters is the capacity building of the community as a whole: the project writers and international organizations. Together we learn, secure fundraising and make a local impact.

Who can join Project Crafters? And how?

If you are an experienced project writer, you can register yourself in our database. We will provide several job opportunities by connecting you to small, starting organizations interested in your topic of expertise or other project writers who are building up experience. You do not need to have a professional network, you can just join ours and benefit from it.

Once you apply, we will run through your application. Please read through our criteria carefully before signing up.

How can you deliver a project application free of charge?

By making a time investment in the project writers and organizations in our community, we learn and invest in ourselves. We work on a no cure, no pay basis. That means only when a project application gets awarded with a grant, a small part of the fund will be transferred to Project Crafters to invest in our community. We always create a Win-Win situation. However, we are trying to match you with an organization and the country that has good probabilities and funds to get your project approved. In case your project does not get approved, we will provide you with the feedback and help you shape it until it gets funds.

What type of organization do I need to be to join the community?

You can be any kind of organization from a foundation, association to an informal group of young people.

Can you deliver a project application in different European languages?

Yes. Please contact us for more info: wecraftproject@gmail.com

Do you focus on different funds?

In 2017 we focus mainly on one single Program called Erasmus+. At the moment, we are expanding our network toward different global funds. Contact us if you are a fundraising expert for other programs and would like to contribute.

When the project is approved, can we work with a coordinator from Project Crafters to support the implementation of the project?


Yes, after the grant is secured, Project Crafters can offer you additional packages to continue our cooperation according to your needs.

Is there a support desk I could contact?

Yes, you may send us your questions to: wecraftprojects@gmail.com